How do I dispose of my old mobile phones?

Destroying or safely dispose of your old mobile phone is necessary and, in some countries, throwing electronics devices randomly is a crime. Your old mobile might be useless for your purpose and unwanted. But it still contains data like contacts, search engine history, financial information, emails, user identities, messages, etc. Remember, these data can be easily recovered from a reset or wiped device. Therefore, your old phone must go through a decommissioning process before you get rid of it.

Take a look at how you can safely dispose of your old mobile phone

 Take the device to a recycler 

You can find a lot of not-for-profit organizations and local communities that help to recycle old phones. For example, everybody knows about mobile phone recycling in Adelaide and you can also find many such offers in other places when you search the internet.

Get the assistance of a tech firm 

There are many local tech firms or electronics retailers and manufacturers who offer solar panel disposal and electronic device recycling services. You can also check for giving back your old mobile for gift cards if you have a branded mobile. For example, Apple has a “GiveBack” program for a gift card up to $ 1530.

Contact your health and sanitation agency 

If you are to anyway throw the mobile, then remove all your data from the mobile and secure data destruction. Look for a bin meant for the green and safe disposal of technological devices. You can find them near technology stores. Finally, contact the health and sanitation agency if you still need help.  

Recycling your old and unwanted mobile phone is a necessity for many reasons. However, it is important to discard the device safely in an environmentally conscious way if you must throw the phone anyway.


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